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Our Pricing

$$$$ - Best gpu


• $7.00/hr
• $0.117/min
• $0.00194/sec

$$ - most affordable gpu


• $1.10/hr
• $0.018/min
• $0.00031/sec

$ - most affordable


• $0.38/hr
• $0.006/min
• $0.0001/sec


When your prediction completes successfully, we calculate how long it ran for, and add it to your account. Once per week we charge you for the time that you’ve used. You can find your current usage on your account page.

Provision Servers

No worries about provisioning and managing GPU servers. We handle it all and provide one-click templates to get your model up and running effortlessly.

✅ free

Scale Resources

No need to manually adjust GPU resources based on load. Our system automatically scales the allocated GPUs to meet your needs.

✅ free

Make Prediction

Leave the deployment to us. Focus on your model without worrying about the complexities.

you only get billed here


ModelZ automatically scales down the allocated GPUs to zero when your AI model deployment is idle and not making predictions for a certain period of time.

✅ free


Questions you might have regarding billing, cancellation, etc.

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How often will I be billed for using Modelz?

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